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Taking Randomness to a whole new level

                                   About The Website

This is the number one most random website on the web! This is a one man operated website. There is all kinds of neat things on here, from pictures that I make myself, to fun games, to funny comics that I make, to good jokes, and to detailed articles. I made this website, because I wanted to have a real website for a while, and wanted to test out all my skills. I also did it for fun, and for everyone to enjoy. There are always new things happening around here, from new videos, to live streams. I try to come up with original ideas for this website. Most of the content on these webpages are my ideas (excluding most of the jokes and the games.) If you got any suggestions or ideas, please be free to send them in the contact form to me.

Important Dates

October 22 , 2011- Launch of the website!

October 26, 2011-Facebook Page 

November 11, 2011-YouTube Channel

December 19, 2011-Google + Page

March 10, 2012-Twitter


Q:Who are you?

A:Real question who are you!

Q:Why did you create this website?

A:To make peoples life's less boring!

Q:Why do you make videos?

A:Because I enjoy it!

Q:Do you got a life outside of videos and this website?

A:Yes I do!

Q:Do you take people's suggestions and advice?

A:Of course I do!

Q:Will your dogs make any more appearances in your videos?

A:Most likely!

Q:Are you going to make a page on the website for your dogs?

A:Already have a page about them!

Q:What inspired you to do all of this?

A:From my previous website!

Q:Are you random in real life?

A:Heck yes I am!

Q:Are there ever going to be guest speakers in your videos?

A:Well I had one in Walking Outside 3, but I'll try to get other friends!

Q: How many video ideas do you have?

A: Around 50-60!

Q: How many Walking Outside videos are you going to do?

A: As many as I can!

Q: Are you ever stop/give up on YouTube?

A: Now in the near future

Q: Are you going to do some live streams?

A: Planning one for this Summer

Q: Are you ever going to buy better video items?

A: Maybe sometime

Q:Are you ever going to show your face in your videos or anything?

A:I might, if I need to. 

Q:You got any new video series in the works?

A:I may have one, but still not sure yet.

Q:What is your name?

A:I'm not telling you directly, but there are hints about my name everywhere on Twitter, and YouTube.

Q:Are you going to make more secret pages on the website?


Q:Do you have a PSN?

A: Yes I do, add me-randomwes

Q:Do you have a Skype

A:I do, but I'm not saying my name on there, I have to become friends with you for me to be able to talk .

Secret Pages on the Website

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