Version 1- It was during 7th grade. I had this class called "computer repair".
At the end of the year our teacher told us how to make a web site through our school email. So I figured out how to and I made Fun.com. I did not add that much stuff to it.

Version 2- Me and my friend James were coming up with a web site for this group on Facebook. So we started working on it (we were still using the school email way to make sites called Google sites). At the end of the school year we had the idk grroup site up and online.

Version 2- We started adding new pages and new content to the idk grroup site. we added jokes, funny things that happen at school, videos, fun stuff, news etc.... . We started getting the hang of how to do the basic things and then we tried to get people to go to it, with no luck at all (not even a single person checked it out).
Version 2 - I started going on a roll on the idk grroup site. I was adding new pages, new content, fun/small things to the site. In the mean time me and James was trying to get people to go to our site we tried everything (though Facebook, our school email etc...) Eventually, We got some people to go to it (not many though).

Version 2- The school year started back up. Still not that many people had visited it. So I started telling every one about it and keep bugging the heck out of people until people went to it. But when they did go to it they got bored and never came back because there wasn't that much stuff to do(only to play a couple of games, watch some videos, read news, and read my reviews about things). We had no steady people come to the site.

New site made- In the meantime, while I wasn't trying to do stuff on the idk grroup site, I was making a new site through Google sites still. I wanted to make Mario game WALKTHOUGHS. So I started writing a little bit on a game. I also tried to get people to join my site to help me out to, but no one ever did. I started to find news about what was going on in the Mario world. After about 2 days I stopped, and I haven't wrote that much more in that site.

Version 2- I went back to the idk grroup site and changed the layout a little and updated it BIG TIME. I changed the back ground color and style. I also updated the news, added more games and videos. Meanwhile I was thinking why do i even do this site when no one ever comes to it so did James.

Version 2- After a while (5 weeks) I went to check up on the idk grroup site. I was just thinking of a way to make it fresh and to make people come to it, when I found this button that said html. So I clicked on it and I saw all this wield stuff like div>-IMG INC=6. I started to type other things in there, but it did nothing. I was now trying to find out what this "html" is.

Version 2- My aunt came over and I ask her what html is. She said its this language where it dose awesome stuff to your web site and web pages. She said when she gets home that she'll send this whole book about html. I told James about this and he said his dad made up his own site and he knew about html. Also during this time I was added more content to the site.

Version 2- That book my aunt sent arrived. It's called "html for dummies". I started to read it , and I got all confused. I ask James if he knew more and he said he will find out more. I still try to type stuff in the html thing that was on the site.

Version 2 - I started to figure out this html language. I started to understand my book. James was also figuring out it to. So I found how to type html into a notepad program on my computer (but I didn't need it because there was an html edit thing on the site) Me and James started to collaborate about this language.

Version 2- I found this one page in the html book that had true html stuff on it. So I typed what it said exactly to type on the html edit. After it was done it looked like a 3d table thing. It's called "nesting a table within a table". James figured out how to make regular html tables here's some examples.
                                             row 1, cell 1                                          row 1, cell 2
row 2, cell 1 row 2, cell 2



html:by James

So then we figured out how to add photos and videos with html. Also we learn how to put games on the idk grroup site using html. So I posted on the news and I said "That we are figuring out html and it will make this site better and we might have to get a web hosts and this site might fade away".

Meanwhile- I got a you tube account and made my own channel called random.     I thought maybe now that I can upload videos and I could put my own videos on the idk grroup site.
Version 3.0- On October 22,2011, I texted James saying I think we need to look for a web hosts today and find one where you can edit like Google sites. So I looked around and I remember one of my favorite sites, Zelda Dungeon, web hosts was "yola", and I liked there format(Which I found out later that they do not use Yola). So I went to check it out, I sighed up for it, and I got the free one for now. Then I started adding stuff to it. Meanwhile I texted James and told him, and also posted on the idk grroup site and said"I HAVE FOUND A FREE WEB HOST!!!!

Version 3- I have been putting a lot of content on the site. I decided to call this site "Random". I posted a lot of pages and content. I made the News page and used html I got It so people can comment on it. That was not a easy task though. James got on and he got use to the feel of the site. I made a Facebook page for this site and more people have checked out this site then ever before!!! I have also made lots of videos and have posted them. I been using a lot of html during this time period. More html knowledge I get is coming from my html book.
Version 3- More new content and stuff with html has been added on to the site. There are about 31 people viewing the site about a 4 day range. I Needed more people though and at this time looking for a new style that this site could use.
Version 3- At this time, more people have visited the site and more site traffic weekly was about 40 visits. There was also more cool pages like funny pictures, and Me and James made a couple of epic fail pics. Then there's the comic page, which I made and put them onto the site. Also the daily word of the week, which I just put a random word on the week on the home page. I also made a G-mail account for the site to see what people voted on and stuff, and made a New youtube channel with 3 subscribers and about 15 videos like cool collections, cool tricks, etc... And the Facebook page got around 23 likes. I also made a Google + also and have a couple of people who "circled" me back. And I Post some stuff when its a holiday. And During this period, I was using more html to make the site better.
Version 4- After a while, more and more people kept on checking out the site, and  the site traffic was going up a lot! In 7 days, there was 55 views on the site! This kept up for a few weeks. Then after a while, I thought people were getting bored because the traffic started to decrease. So I started looking for new ideas and more cool stuff to add to the site. One day, I was looking at a website, and I saw this bar at the bottom of the page and on the left side it had stuff that said like "Youtube videos", "Fan Page", etc.... On the right hand it said "Meebo". I started wandering what this bar was. I type in "Meebo" on Google and one of the results it came up with was "Meebo Bar". I click on that, and I signed up for it (it was free.) After I did that, I found out what I could do with it. Your suppose to add it to your site by HTML, and on the section where you can customize your Meebo Bar, I added Facebook Fan page, (which had around 40 likes), pages from the site (Html stuff, Comics), my Twitter page (Which I made before I got the Meebo Bar and got around 12 followers around that time), "Dig it", my Youtube videos,  and the option to share text, pictures, and videos on what ever page the Meebo Bar was on. You could also share the page itself with that option, and you could even chat with Social networks you were logged in to (Facebook, Myspace etc...) And you could chat right there on the bar. I added the bar to the "Home" page, the "Pictures" page (Which I started making a lot of epic fail pictures), the "Links" page, and the "Comics" page (Which I was making a couple of comics here and there.) On the "Pictures" page, all the pictures I made were cluttered, so I added a "Gallery" that puts your pics in one area that you can just click "next picture". Then when I add a new pic to the gallery, I added it below to, but just that one so it wouldn't get cluttered again. I made a new background using my photo editor, and that's the same background as you see on the site today. I made it blue and black, because it matched the theme of the site. During this time, I started writing articles on the "News" page. I wrote articles on about stuff like "The New Youtube Layout", and told the good things about it and the bad things about it. I write these articles almost every Friday evening. There was some small stuff updated as well (like new games, more jokes etc...) After all of that was done, I announced "The new and improve site", and that was actually the first article I wrote. So that's when version 4 came out! Some other small stuff going on, was that I was getting many subscribers and had about 130 at that time! I was getting a lot of video views as well. I made a "Ustream" account and what that was, was you can live stream things, like games (so you could do a live marathon if you wanted to of you playing games like for 48 hours.) my username for that account is Randomnessgamer. And during this time, I knew a lot of basic HTML and that's was making the site 10 times better. After the new and improve site, the traffic went back up, but nothing then what it was like. The site was getting around 40 views every 7 days. I also submitted my site URL to Google, and Bing, hoping it might draw in traffic in the future.
Version 4- During this time, the traffic was at about 20- 30 views ever 7 days. I was just adding new pictures, comics, and writing new articles at this time, to keep the traffic high. I was messing around with HTML, and I made a all HTML version of the website. Of course I didn't do nothing with it, I did it for fun! Since I did that, I started to think that I could do more stuff then I thought I could! That could be the start of something. During this time, I got rid of the "Games" page, because it was to noisy and crowded, and made the "Fun Stuff" page, with classic games like Pacman, Frogger, Space Invaders, and other games, and cool/fun things! I added a new quiz. This was a test on the "Questions" page, and the quiz had questions from stuff around the site at that time. This will lead to more tests/ quiz's. I also want people to send in ideas for videos, and content fro this site, because if the fans request something, then I should give it to them, so there keep coming back! During this time period, I started making text more colorful, so it would make it less boring, and it would stick the words out better, so views might read it, if it catches their eyes. I did delete some of those games, but added new and improve ones instead! And after a few months of just 20 views every 7 days, on November 30, 2012, there was a huge spike, and had a total of 136 views! Most of those views were all from that previous Sunday.

Version 5- During the spring of 2013, I decided that the site needs another upgrade. So I started of adding new things, and updating current things. I had added some more new games (like the classic snake game). I also added some new pages, so people can explore even more!
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