I will be discussing the "new" YouTube layout of this year! I will be talking about my thoughts on it, and how it differs from the old one. I will be talking about what I like and dislike about it.

 So YouTube made all of us switch to the new layout on June 5, 2013. They call this layout the "One channel". They call it this because this channel will work on all the mobile devices (I.e Phones, tablets, T.Vs). They had changed it dramatically since the last one. It has only been 1 year since we got the old layout, and they had to change it again for some reasons. There is not much creativity in this layout. The only thing that you can have is this banner on the top of your channel. this is called "your channel art". That is basically the only thing you can make for it, and of course your profile pictures/icon. In the old layout, even though you didn't have much stuff to create, you could still change the sides and make background images. With the new one, that is the only thing you can have. The background is plain, dull white. You cannot change the color of the background. It's a pretty boring color, if you ask me. 
  On the main/home page of your channel, you will see major differences. First off, there won't really be a featured video at the top. There will be one of two things. If your unsubscribe, you can make a channel intro, or channel trailer, which you showcase your channel and tell the unsubscribe what your channel is about. I have a trailer up for my channel. Now if your subscribed to a channel, then you will see a "What to watch next". Most of the time, it'll have your newest videos there, and usually it will have them in the order of upload date. But sometimes it will have different ones, like your most popular videos, or maybe your first uploaded video. You basically have no control about this. Now if you keep scrolling down, you will see playlist (if you want to put some). For Example, with my channel, I got my recent activity first, so it will definitely show my newest videos. Then I have some of my other playlist down below that. Now you have control over where they are placed, you can click an up of down arrow, to place one above the other. 
 You can also click this drop down arrow, on the top where you navigate your channel, and it will take you to that channels feed. On this page, it will show you if you commented on someone else's video, or liked a video, or anything like that (The stuff that shows up on it will depend on that channel privacy settings). Now if you move across, you'll see the "Videos" tab. This page is basically the same as it was before. you will see all the videos you've uploaded on here, and have the options of shows most popular, newest to oldest, or oldest to newest. You can also make them in line or by the video box. You can have the option of clicking a drop down arrow where it says uploads on the page, and you can see all of their playlist also. That also depends on the settings of that channel. On the next tab, it will say "Discussion". This is basically where you place channel comments on, and to view other comments. This is another thing that hasn't changed at all, which I say that's a good thing. On the last tab, it says "About". When you click on this, you'll get a description of what your channel is about (basically it's just like a written channel trailer). You will also see your links to other things (like Facebook or Twitter). And you will see how many subscribers you have, and how many total video views you have, but this also is depended on what the channel settings are if you can see the views and subs. Then below that you'll see the other channels you have placed. These channels you have will also appear on the right side of your channel on all of the pages. Then you may or may not see that channel subscriptions. That also depends on the settings of the channel. Now you can have some of your links appear on your banner/channel art. And also worth mentioning, on the right side where the other channels are on, down below this, you'll see "popular channels", or "Suggestive channels". You can enable or disable this. I have mine on for now, but if you disable it, it says that you'll not be able to show up on anything else on other channels pages. So this is all the info I can give you about the new YouTube Layout. Now here comes my thoughts on this channel layout.

 Now I have gotten use to it already. It is pretty simple once you get the hang of it down. But the things I dislike about it, is that there is no creativity, only the banner. And the thing I hate about the banner, is that there are certain have to have depending on what device it's one, which can be a huge pain. I got a pretty basic banner so I didn't have to worry about that. But it could be annoying for artistic people. Also I hate the plain white for the background. I also dislike how it does not feel like a channel, just seems like another page on YouTube. And the other minor annoying thing, is that popular channel thing. Why even place that on your channel. At least they give you the option to disable it if you want. The things I like is the channel trailer. I think this is actually a good idea, and gives you a good chance to try to win over subscribers. And the other thing I like is how they placed the other channels on the right side. If you have many channels, you can click this button that will shuffle them, so it will change every time you go to a different page. With the other things, I'm ok about those. I don't hate it or like it. I still think it's stupid that YouTube changes the layout after one year. I am ok with this one as for now, at first I hated it with a passion. But i'm ok with it, but still not a huge fan of it. That's it for now! Do you like the new layout? What do you hate and like about it?

If you want a more "visual" view of what I'm talking about, here's a video!