In this article I will be talking about what kind of games that Nintendo could make with Donkey Kong. 

 1st thing is I already know that they made Donkey Kong country returns, but in this article I'll be talking about 3D titles so ok lets begin.

 So the only main 3D title of Donkey Kong they've made is Donkey Kong 64 for the Nintendo 64, and that game was an awesome 3D platformer. Donkey Kong 64 had a lot of awesome features like switching to different characters that have different abilities, had guns that you can shoot to open doors, and solve puzzles, musical instruments, and much much much more. 

If Nintendo should make another DK soon, I think it should be a 3D one. With this 3D Donkey Kong, I think it should expand of DK 64 not by story and timeline wise, but the awesome stuff it had in the game. I think 3D DK should have instead of guns, it could be something like a sling shot instead, but with the same game-play mechanics of the gun. It should have upgrades like the guns had, but better upgrades like more damage increased and you can zoom in better,and of course to carry more ammo. The gun's the Kongs had in DK64 were just use to open doors with their symbols, to shoot balloons out of the air and that kind of stuff, but in this one it could be more combat focused and still use them to solve puzzles. For an example of more combat focus, they could have more flying enemies that you would have to shoot them to kill them (and depending of what upgrade of your slingshot, it takes more then 1 hit to kill them), have different kinds of land enemies that you would have to shoot off their armor to be able to fight them yourself. And in some of the Boss fights, it's required to shoot them to beat the boss, and even better, have bosses that the only way to kill them is by just using your slingshot!

 I think you should still be able to switch characters and have different abilities as with DK64. But this time around I think there should be different characters then  Diddy, Tiny, Lanky, and Chunky. And with these different characters, there should be all kinds of different move sets for each one. They could have different upgrades for their slingshot, different abilities that you have to unlock during your quest and is required to complete the game 100%, and just by their regular fighting moves should be drastically different, and they could only be use to defeat certain enemies that the other ones couldn't. Of course, they would all have different missons to do to collect their collectible, but even expand from that and have their own collectibles that none of the other could collect. 

 The collectibles of the game should be lots. Of course you could have the regular bananas (not the golden bananas) to open the boss door just like in DK64. There should also be the blueprints mechanic, but something different instead of blueprints. There could still be the coins that you use to upgrade your slingshot, get new abilities, and just to upgrade everything at different areas. And there should be a TON of collectibles. The main collectible should be the silver bananas instead of golden bananas. 

  The story should be a basic story but with all kinds of details. I don't know what the story could be, but in the story there should be different story plots with each different kong while your playing as them (not their own story), but little details that could make the level and main plot exciting. And at the middle of the story or at any time, there should be a dramatic plot twist that changes everything. 

 How the levels work should pretty much stay the same as it was in DK64. There could be a large hub full with collectibles also, and the main collectible, but in this hub you can access the different levels. They should make these levels BIG with all kinds of secrets that has optional collectibles and even maybe main collectibles. The optional collectibles should be many, but spread out throughout the levels. The levels could be dense with all kinds of enemies and puzzles you would have yo complete to access the next area of that level and to find the secret areas. There should be at least 7 gigantic levels. 

 So my final analyse is that if they make a new Donkey Kong that it should be 3D. This game should have more combat focused as well as lots of puzzles with lot's of secrets in this gigantic level that has different enemies that takes different Kongs to beat them, and each Kong has their own collectibles, and that there should be a ton of different collectibles, and the main collectible should be silver bananas. And that you should be able to upgrade all your moves and your slingshot and learn different abilities that can be use to take less hits to beat enemies and bosses. 

 So that's what I think Nintendo should do with a new DK game. Do you think their going to make another DK game? And if they do, do you think it'll be 2D or 3D? And what do you think about my ideas? Do you have any other ideas that would make this game awesome? Tell me in the comments what you think!