I haven't had one of these major website updates lately. Well this weekend (mostly all on Saturday), I'll be making huge changes to the website. I will be adding a ton of things, along with just updating current things. They could be new pages, and other cool things as well. I'll be briefly telling you guys some of the things I could be adding, and other updates on the social media websites also.

 I'll be adding more jokes to the jokes page
More funny pictures
New pages (Not sure what they are going to be)
More daily posts
Maybe new background or banner
Add even more color
Add more fun/simple games I.E snake etc..
More funny things
add more gadgets
Better comics
More randomness!

 And there will be a lot lot lot more things coming tomorrow. If you got any suggestions, let me know below. 

 Also here is an update on the Social website
 The Facebook page has 68 likes, and more comments, and interaction.
The Twitter account has 103 followers, and tons of interaction from friends and fans. 
YouTube account has 279 subscribers and almost 19,000 total video views (YouTube is about to change the channel layout, so expect and article about that soon) 
Reddit has been not active because it won't let me post anything 
On Google + 29 people are in my circles and 40 +. 

So that is basically all I have to inform you about in this post! Tell me if you have any ideas of suggestions! Also if you made or thought of original ideas, I will post them and give you the credit for them.