Hello! I will be showing you guys my personal favorite top 10 photo's I've made! You may have never seen any of these before. That is because there not on the website, but on my Facebook, and Twitter. So if your interested in these pictures, then check out all of them at Facebook, or Twitter! So without further ado, let's start!

 This was a button I made, as you can see it says "Random" on it.
#9:I made this, because I did an epic fail in my computer chess game. It's pretty funny I would say.

#8: This one was funny! I tried to make one of those viral pictures, like everyone was doing around that time. It didn't go viral though.

#7: I thought this was a clever one, it's based off of that song "Call Me Maybe"

#6: I asked people what new Mario game will be the best.

Now any of these next 5 could be number 1.
 #5: This one is a true story. I made this picture about a month ago or so.

 #4: This was my best picture of the "Call me Maybe" parody pictures. This picture even got featured on a Zelda Meme page! I was pretty proud with this one. Another good thing about this one, is that it makes sense also!

#3: This picture had the most likes out of all of my pictures! This statement on the picture is also true! I didn't think this picture would be so popular, one of my more popular ones!

#2: This picture was a true epic fail! I did this one, cause I saw one with a Wii case in a Super Nintendo, so I thought I would do one with a D.S case. It turns out it fitted perfectly into the slot! I like this one a lot!
Now here is the moment you all been waiting for, here comes number 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......
#1: This picture is just amazing to me. All I did was find a picture of a 1 dollar bill online, and then edited it, and made it into a "Random dollar". This was basically my first real awesome picture I made! I was pretty proud of myself when it comes to this one. Don't you guys think this one is so cool?

So there you have it, there was my top 10 photo's I've made. Also remember if you haven't seen all of my pics, then go to my Facebook page, and Twitter page. here is the link to my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/randomidk. Here is the link to my Twitter:https://twitter.com/Randomidkness. So what do you guys think about this "article"? Did you think this was an odd post, or a pretty good one? Do you want to see more odd/random stuff like this, or do you like the detailed articles better? Don't worry, I'll still be doing my detailed articles, so don't fear. See ya next time!!!!!!!