Hello once again! Yesterday I posted that I would be "upgrading" the website today. well it is today, and I have made TONS of changes and updates to it. I'll be going page by page in this to find out every single thing I've done. Who know's, maybe after I post this, I might add even more. so I'll start with General things about the website.

                                          General Things                                               Well I've moved some pages around the the navigation menu, so I could organize it better! There are two new pages, that I've made. They both got some content on them, but not nearly complete. I'll go into details about those pages later on. I've made a new favicon (which is that little icon you see when your on this website, up in the browser tab it'll show it). I like this new one 10X more then that plain boring last.

  this is the website new favicon. I've also changed the banner back to that awesome glowing one. I thought that other "stamped" one was pretty lame, and I didn't think it fitted very well. Here is the new/old banner. 

 That is basically everything I did in term of general things with the whole website.
 There is one small change I did on the video page today. The playlists are all still there. The thing I did was now I'll be embedding the latest video I've uploaded on my YouTube on the top of the page, so you guys will know which is the latest, and will have fast access to watch it fast! The tiny thing I did also was changed the heading from "videos", to "Video Playlists". 
 I have done a pretty good amount on the comics section of the website. I completely got rid of some of those old and lame comics like the holiday comics and some other stupid ones. And I completely deleted the "Holiday-Comics" page because like I said those were the lamest of all of the comics. I have made two new ones today. The 1st one I made was called "The Template", which is on the "Comics" page and the "Other-Comics" page. The second one I made was "School Contract", which it's also on the comics page, and the "School-Comics" page. I deleted some stupid school comics that I made in the past. Last week, I also made a funnier comic called The Code, which I added it to the comics and other-comics page last weekend. You'll need to check out that page so you get an idea of what kind of comics I'm making now. They are way better in my opinion then the other ones from the past.
Fun Stuff 

I've only made a minor change on this page. I've added a new, fun, simple game on this page. It's called Snake. It's sorta of like the classic version, only you have lives, and there are levels, and obstacles. I will probably add more fun simple game tonight so you guys can even have more fun!


On this page, I've just added some more regular jokes. On the Holiday side, I've added around 12 jokes about Easter. I will probably add more to it in the coming days. here is an example of one-  What do you call a dumb Bunny? A Hare brain!
That is all I've done to that page for the moment. 


All I did on this page was I made a new picture, and added it to the gallery. Here is the picture right here.This is the picture


Minor changes on this page also. I got rid of some of the polls/questions, and added a new one.

I centered all the links to the middle of the page, and made all the links bold. I also added my friends twitter to the Friends Websites part.  

Just added some Tweets from friends and fans, and added more color to some of the text.

Now we are going to get into the two new pages I've created!

 This is one of the new pages on the website. I thought for like 2 hours of new pages I could add. As a result of my thoughts I came up with 2 pages, and this was the first one. On this pages, it is split into different sections. On the top are tips about video games. These are various ones like for Ex-In Zelda Ocarina Of Time and Majora's Mask, it is faster to roll then to run. They all relate to all games and different type of video game genres. Now down to the bottom left are Tips For School. I just give tips on what to do and what not to do at school. Like I said to do all of your work. And not to put stuff off to the lat minute. The bottom middle is the Holiday Tips. I give tips that you could use for mostly any holiday. Those ones could be useful. The bottom right is Tips for Life. These could be good if your going through some hard times or what not. In one tip I said to never give up. I thought this page could be helpful and fun for a page to create, and so I did. I didn't find these on any websites, they just came from some experience and thoughts. If you got any original tips please be sure to send them to me somehow, either through FB, Twitter, as a comment on this post etc...

This page has some behind the scenes items. I have added the lyrics to the Christmas video I made- The 12 Days Of Mario. This page will have secret things like that and stuff that I've scrapped, and there're be placed on that page. I'm thinking of making a slideshow and adding it to that page. This was another idea that came into my head when I was brainstorming. I think you'll guys will enjoy this page to find out of secrets things that I was going to do, and exclusive behind the scenes stuff also. I've also made this page pretty colorful also while I was building it. At the bottom of this page, I added a share button. 

Keep in mind that these 2 new pages have lots of work still. I still have plenty of things to add to these pages. If you got any ideas for both of these new pages, or entirely different pages, please be sure to let me know somehow. BTW: On the "History" page, I added some more history to it, and made some things more colorful too.

Now that is all the things I did today on the website. As you could tell, this was a long article, and a ton of things were added to these webpages. I'm still going to keep adding things as this evening passes. I'll be working on stuff tonight also, so I may edit this article and add it in. I hope all you guys like the new changes. Tell me if there something you don't like or have a good idea of something let me know! I think this concludes this post so see ya guys later.