So the commenting system that this site uses for commenting on the news post/articles is called Disqus. So This commenting system was pretty awesome from the beginning. you can comment of course and share that page of Facebook, and Twitter. And you could rate that news post by "liking it". A few months ago I was using Intense Debate commenting system, which the only good thing was you could vote or vote down peoples comments. Well this the new Disqus or what they call "Disqus 2012", now you can vote up or down on peoples comments.

 So another awesome feature with the new Disqus is you can see your comments in real time. That means like if a lot of people comment while you are on that page, you don't have to refresh the page, but instead the new comments will just              
 appear like shown in the picture up above. That's an awesome improvement over the old version.

 In just by looking at the picture, you can see the layout is different then the old version. The old version of Disqus was a little cleaner then the new version. You could tell who's comments are who's and just easier to read. Keep in mind their not done with it yet. This is just the "beta" stage of Disqus 2012. The reason I have the new version is that I asked for an invitation to use the new one, and it hasn't been open for the public that long either.

   On the top of the comments is where you can comment, but there is this bar that says "Discussion", where all the comments on that news post is at, "community", where you see who has the comments the most and shows comments from other news posts. And then there is the "My Disqus", where if you are a member and have logged in to Disqus, then you can see your notifications and your activity. And if your logged in on the bar to the far right it will say "log off". These next pictures shown below will give you a visual picture of what I'm talking about.


 This picture shows the "community" tab and also shows the top commenters. Also it shows comments on other news posts.


The picture above shows you the "My Disqus" tab. As you can see it shows stuff you commented on if your logged in, and also you can see your notifications also if your logged in to Disqus. And as I pointed out you can log out at the far right of the bar.

  So that's about it for the main features. You can instead of like the news post, now you can give it a "star rating". You can still reply to peoples comments also. You can share a comment that you like a lot and share it on Facebook or Twitter. Since it is still in the beta stage, you can't add pictures or videos on you comment yet, but they have stated that you will be able to in the near future. 

   I personally like the new Disqus over the old version. I bet their going to come up with a lot more cool features before it's complete. What do you guys think about Disqus 2012? Do you like it or hate it? Do you prefer the old one or the new one? What do you think they should add to make it even better? Tell me in the comments below! 

 Also if you have any problems when your commenting visit this page to tell them your problems and you can even five them feedback so then you can tell them your ideas!