Hello people, and this time around I'll be giving my thoughts on the phone game, Temple Run. First a few things to talk about, I'll now be having the regular Friday evening articles! So be expecting some awesome articles on your way, starting with this one! So yeah without further ado, let's start!

 You can play Temple Run on any smart phone. Temple Run if a very popular, and addicting game. The object of the game is that you stole this treasurer from this temple, and these monkeys start chasing you, and you have to use your fingers to jump, turn, and slide from obstacles on the path to escape the monkeys. While your running, you can collect coins,(Which I'll give you more details about the coins later). You have to jump over gaps, and turn when a corner is coming, or else your run straight off the side of the wall, and you can move the phone to make him move right and left on the path (which when you get to the faster/harder parts, you'll have to rely on moving him more because some of the path breaks off and there is just a small part you can run on which could be on the right or left of the path, and you'll have to move your phone to get pass those obstacles). You have to slide to avoid hitting trees, flames, and spikes (or if your skilled you can jump over the spikes and flames). There are small tree stumps, which doesn't kill you, but if you don't jump over them, then the monkeys catch up and could possible get you which is a game over. After you get a ways, you get faster and faster, making the game extremely difficult, and takes some fast finger reflexes to pull it off! The path never stops, it just keeps going and going and going forever. Your score is based off of the meters you run (during your run it shows how far you've gone at the top center sometimes). So that a reason that makes this game super addicting, is that you want to beat your last high score, and your friends score! It also tells you when you die how many meters total you went, what the time was, and how many coins you've collected!

 Now the coins you collect during your runs are not just for collecting purposes, you can use them to get power ups and stuff! After you die, when it says "Run Again", you'll see on the top left corner of that screen, it'll say "Shop", so you tap that and it takes you to this shop. At the shop you can buy power ups, and when you buy your first power up, it'll show up on your run at random places, and when you jump and get it, it automatically moves you super fast, and it dose the jumping and sliding and turns for you. Now there is a meter limit. I think the first upgrade you but only goes 250 meters, which can help you out a ton! Then after you purchase your first upgrade, then if you have enough coins (which by the way each upgrade you get, it gets more expensive so use your coins wisely), it'll take you even farther then the previous upgrade (which is really helpful when your getting in the harder areas)! You can also buy "Wings", and with wings, you have to double tap the screen during your run to activate it, and it only last 30 seconds after you activate it, but when you do, like for example there's one that makes you have a second life, so if you die, you'll come back to life! These "Wings", costs a lot more then the upgrades, but they are extremely helpful, so use your wings wisely. 

 So here comes my part of what I think of Temple Run. I think Temple Run is a very very very awesome and addicting game! I think it's one of the best smart phone games ever! I think it's awesome how you can use your fingers to jump, slide, and turn! It is fun to try to beat your own high scores, and your friends scores! I love the upgrades, sometimes they can make the game 10 times easier! So here comes my rating........... I would give Temple Run a 10/10! The reason is that It's the best smartphone game I've ever played! It like as addicting as Pac Man, but even more fun and addicting! So now if you've been wondering why every one has Temple Run on their phones, and why it's so popular, well now you know! So tell me what you think of Temple Run? Have you played it before or not? Do you think it's addicting or just boring? Let me know in the comments below of what you think!

Here is a video review of it that I've made: