Hello once again! I will be giving a written review of the new Temple Run game, Temple Run 2. I have already reviewed the 1st one. I just downloaded the 2nd one today, and have enjoyed it! I have been playing it for a few hours to get the feel for everything and to see everything you can do! So let's get right into it!

 You can download Temple Run 2 for any smartphone device. It's also free, just like the 1st one. The game-play is mostly the same as the original. You have to run from this big ape, while dodging obstacles. You have to jump, slide under, and go around turns to keep on running. This game has move of a 3D texture then the first one. What I mean by this, is that there are rolling hills you have to run over, and they made it look so good. The first one was just more 2D, since you were always on flat ground basically. In this one, you can change the brightness, music volume, and quality of how it looks. This is a big improvement over the 1st one. There is one large menu where you can get to everything. You can go and use the coins you have collected on your runs to buy power-ups, to upgrade them, and to get many many other neat things as well! There are these daily challenges that you can complete, which will result you in getting extra coins or gems. I'll get into the gems in a while. You can also do these objectives. For example, an objective might say "Get 250 coins", so you try to complete these while your running. Once you complete about 3, you move up to level 2, and you can get some pretty cool prizes like 3,000 coins, or 4 gems etc.... 

   Now the power-ups are pretty much the same. You can get the magnet one, which makes all the coins go to you, so you don't have to get them. You can also get the double bonus coins after so many meters, and you can get the all helpful invisibility! Something that is different with this game is that, once you get enough coins, you can double tap the screen to have a shield. Now the shield will only last for a limited time, and it can only let you hit something once, before the barrier is broken. And another new feature, that is extremely  helpful is that, if you die, you can save yourself, meaning you can keep on going. But there is a catch to this. You have to have a gem for this to work. You can get gems by doing the objectives and bonus things. You can also find single gems during your runs, that you'll have to jump to get. This adds a whole new game-play aspect to this game. You can plan stuff out now and depending on how many gems you have, then you can get really far! This feature is nice one that helps a lot with game-play. Also a totally new thing is that you can go into mine carts. You have to get a little ways into the run to be able to find these. In the mine carts, all you have to do is move to one side or another by moving the smartphone/tablet in that direction! You may also need to duck, as there are some obstacles on the rail tracks. This was another great thing that they added to the game, to make it feel fresh and renewed! And during the beginning, or anytime during your run, you can swing on these zip lines and have to move side to side to collect the coins also! 

 So here comes my overall thoughts on the game. I like it better then the original. But don't get me wrong, the 1st game was amazing as well. This game, they added a ton new fun things to it, to make the game-play experience better. One of the major things I thought that added to it is the saving yourself thing. It can help you by giving you a second chance to continue. I also loved the mine cart areas as well. For game-play, I will give this game a 10/10 just because it has so addicting and fun game-play! For the graphics, and visuals I will give it a 10/10 for a phone game, because it has 3D textures and hills and different shades and shadows. For the music I'll give it a 9/10, because it's just got some basic music, nothing outstanding. For my final rating for the game, I'll give it a solid 10/10 because it's just so fun and addicting and gives you new experiences and new things! Tell me what your thoughts on this game is. Do you give it the same rating? That's all I have for you today fellows. 
 Here is the video review of Temple Run 2!