Do you want to do stuff for this site, and become more involved with it? Well here is your chance! You have different options here so here they are!
1. We need people to spread the word about this site, the youtube channel, and the Facebook page, This is an easy job so if you want something easy do this.

2. Need people who can make epic fail pics, comics, and that kind of stuff (I'll tell you how to make the comics). This is not that hard of a job.

3 Get people to join the forums and talk and have fun on them. This is an easy job.

4. We could use some people who can make backgrounds for websites and stuff and someone who knows what to do on a photo editor. (Only need a couple of people for this)
 5. A few people who know how to write articles and make good articles (write it on a document or something and then send it to me or something so I'll just past it in here and say it was by you).

 And that's about it! if your interested in any of these jobs then send an contact form and just chose other and say what you want to do! leave your email address your name, and what you want to do and I'll contact you and tell you if you got the job and what you need to do first. The people who do these jobs will be on the staff page which will be up if people apply (note this is a free job and just friendly- volunteer work)