This new Youtube layout has been around for a while now, since at least in January of this year. All of the Youtube Channels got all switched over to the new layout on March 27th. Mine didn't get change until March 28th. So in this article, I talk to you about the bad things and good things about the new Youtube layout, so let's begin!

1st thing is that on the old youtube layout, right on the top of your channel you could access ALL  of your videos that you have including, uploaded, favorite, and playlist. Now I thought that was the best part about the old channel layout, but they had to change it. so with the new Youtube layout, there are tabs on the top "featured", where is an optional tab that lets you see your newest video, along with playlist on the bottom of that video, the "Feed" tab, that shows you all your latest activity and your comments (Which I'll get in to later,) and the "Videos" tab, that lets you see all your videos and playlist all in one place. So if you have a featured video, and videos below it, if you choose to add the playlist "uploaded videos", you'll see all your uploaded videos in order of date. But the thing is if you click on one of those videos, it takes you to the video's page where is not on your channel but it has all the videos on the right side, and the video comments. And it won't just let you see that video where the featured video would of been. That what it did with the old layout, let you saw the videos on your channel.

 The next thing is that you can still change your background and icon, which you could with the old layout also, but the channel it's self color. The old design let you change the color of the links, text, color background on the solid parts of the channel (like where it showed your info and username and all of that). But with this stupid new layout, you can't change nothing about the channel color or text, it is just boring, plain black and grey. So how come they didn't take that feature with them over to the new design?

 A good thing about the new Youtube layout, is that you can see your playlist much much much more easier then with the old design. With the old layout it was sorta of messy to find a specific playlist and it was also cluttered with all the other videos you had that wasn't in a playlist. But with the new layout, there are separate places where you can put your playlist like under the "featured playlist", which let's you show you the playlist that you want to appear on your channel on the right hand side. Also on the "Featured" tab, down below your featured video, you can just select a playlist that you want and show you all the videos in that playlist down below. 

 Another good thing about it is that, now it's easier to link your website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.... With the old layout, you would just have to post the link in your channel info. Now with the new layout, there is a separate spot for them and you can name them like "my website", "Facebook Page", etc... And then you could just click on that to take you to that link is. But a one bad thing about that is that in your Channel about section, you can only like post about 200 characters in the body to have your links be there too.

  A really bad thing about the new Youtube channel layouts, is how and where the comments go. On the old layout, you could just scroll a little down and find all the comments, and the commenting box all at the same place so then you would be able to see your comment right there and then.  But with the new layout, the commenting box is also on the right hand side of your channel. And after you post your comment, and to see other channel comments, is that you have to go to the "Feed" tab and then it'll show you first recent activity and make a post that like tells you "new video tomorrow", or whatever. Then while your at that page, you look down just a little bit to see the link that says comments. So you click on that to be able to see all the comments that have been posted on your channel. So you have to go though 2 steps just to read your own comment and also other peoples comments. 

 Also the question rises why did they have to change the old layout, that was perfectly fine and awesome, with this new bad design with poor quality? I think I might have an answer. Youtube/Google had that layout since about 2007, so they needed to make a major change to it or they think it might get old after about 4 to 5 years. I would have to agree with them there, cause they should make a whole new layout since it's been that long. But I think they should of put more effort and thought into this new layout. They should of asked first we, the people of Youtube, what would we like to see in the new layout, and get good feedback and then they could of made it based of what the Youtubers said. But no they just did it out of the blue, no warning, or anything like that and there just like here you go something new. Well that's where I think they made their mistake. It might be their downfall if Youtube/Google don't want to listen to what we have to say about it, they just ignore us. All they want is to make money, their just too greedy to listen, Tell me what you think about the new Youtube layout, and if you like the new one better or the old one in the comments below. 

ps. If you want to see a more "visual" picture then check out this video I've made.