Hello guys! Sorry for not many articles and posts recently, I've been forgetting to post and been busy and so on... But today I'll be talking about this website called Reddit. I'll tell you my thoughts on it, the good and the bad, along with other info about the website itself.

 So Reddit is a website were you make a account. Basically all you have to do to sign up, is give your name, your page name and email, so mostly common stuff. Reddit is a website that you can post your links to your videos, articles, website pages, pictures, video game stuff etc... It's a website that is suppose to help get more viewers and have people click on your links. When you submit a link to Reddit, it will show up as a preview before anyone clicks on it. the preview will show the title you named that link/post, the url to that post, and a small picture on the left hand side, if you have a picture/video thumbnail posted on that article. Now when people see this, they can vote up and down on the link, which gives you 
"Link Karma". If your link karma is positive then people have voted up on your links, and it will show how many up votes you have, which right now I have positive 4 link karma. If it's a negative and red, then that means more people have voted down on your links and went below the positive to make it negative. So the voting can give you an idea if people like your links or not. You can also comment on the links. Right below the preview It'll have "comment", "share", "hide", "delete", "nsfw", and "flair". So when you click on "comment", you can now leave a comment, giving your personal opinion of that link, or what your think about it. Comments can be voted up and down also! Which now brings me to the point of "Comment Karma". So it's basically the same as the link karma, meaning that if people have voted up your comments, then you'll have positive karma, and same with negative. Right now I have 0 comment Karma, because no one have voted up or down my comments that I've posted on people's links.
 Now with the "Share". When you click on that button, it'll give you the option to share it with people. You can send an email to someone with that link in the email. So the next button is the "hide" button. If you click on this button, It'll hide that link so no one else can see it, but it's not deleted. The next button is "delete", which you probably know's what it does, it deletes that link that you have posted. The next two buttons, "nsfw", and "flair", I have no clue what they do, because I haven't use them before, so I can't tell you what they do. 
    Now I will talk about the subreddits! What these are are categories of links relating to different things. Like for example there is a "videos" subreddit, which all the video links you post you put it into that area and there's many different! There's not that many things to say about that, since it's says itself.
So now comes some bad things about Reddit. The main thing is, if you post to many links at once, or to many comments, they won't let you post links for like around 2-3 weeks. I know this because this happen to me. I was posting links a ton then they said I was a troll and wouldn't let me post for at least a month, and I was getting frustrated. So that's basically the only bad thing I have to say about Reddit, but that one thing can be a big turn off, and many people would probably leave because of it! Reddit is a awesome website, and can help you get out there, and make yourself known to people of the content you have.