Hello once again. In this, I'll be discussing my thoughts on Gmail which is Google Email. I will be discussing what I like and dislike about it. Also I will tell you my thoughts on the other things on Gmail(Google docs, calendar, etc...).
So on Gmail, you can do the basic things you could do with any other email. You can compose messages, save drafts, star emails, receive emails, and delete them, and all the basics. But there are a lot of awesome and cool things with Gmail. First thing is that you can chat while on your Gmail account. There is a chat side bar on the left side of the screen. You can chat with people, and send emails to people easier if you go to that chat sidebar, and then on the top you can type in that persons email you which to chat to. Then after you find them you can send email, view profile, and invite them to chat. Once you invite them, and they accept your invitation, then that person's name/email name, will show up down in the chat bar. You will also be able to tell if they are offline or online if they have a green dot or a grey dot. A green dot means they are online, while a grey dot means that they are offline. There is also a red dot, which means that they are busy. Basically if it says there busy, that means that they are on another website, while on their Email. 
   Another cool thing is that you can upload or find your own Gmail profile picture. On the chat bar you will see an empty place that when your put your mouse over it, it will say "Chose profile pic". Once you click on that, it takes you to these options. Either you can upload a picture that you have on your computer Hard drive, or you can copy and past a link to a picture you want on the Internet. Once you get a profile picture, it will show up by your name on the chat bar, and all the people you chat to will be able to see it. Also a cool feature of Gmail is that on your chat bar, you will see this phone symbol. If you click on it, this phone screen will pop up. That means that you can call people on your Gmail account! There's only a couple of problems though. First problem is that you have to agree to their terms and services. The 2nd is that you'll have to pay a small fee if you want to call someone, and I think it's more money if you call someone out of the country.

 On Gmail, you are allowed to do a lot of customization. You can customize how tight your emails are to each other. You have 3 settings for that, which are comfortable, cozy, and compact. Each of these will affect how big each email is. I have my on comfortable. You can also customize your background of Gmail. This is how you do it, Click on the button on the top right corner, that has that gear symbol, then you'll see the option of "Themes", click on that. You'll then be taken to a new page where you'll see a lot of different color themes. It should look like this!

 Now you can look at all the awesome, different themes they have for the background on your Gmail account! After you click and chose one, it may ask you where you live, or something like that. If you wish, you could just make up a city or town. Once you get done, and it says that it saved it, then you can go to your email page, and you'll see the new theme. The theme I have right now is called "Planets", which you'll see it in the bottom middle in the picture up above. Another really cool thing with Gmail, is that you can make "Folders" and then organize your Emails within those. So like for example you can make a folder called "Youtube", then anything you get from Youtube, you can check mark, and then click on folder button and then it shows you all the folders you have, and all you have to do is click the folder you want, which in this case you would click the "Youtube" folder. Another small neat thing with Gmail is that if you know an email is coming to you, and it hasn't appeared, you can click the "Refresh" button that is above your email messages. Also it automatically puts all the spam mail in the spam folder, and it gets deleted by itself.

I don't really have much bad things to say about Gmail. the only annoying thing to me, is that sometimes it loads so slow, and sometimes an email may never show up until days later, which could be bad if it was a very important and urgent message.  

Now I will discus all the extra stuff Gmail has. You can get to all these extras up on the top of the any Gmail page. The first is "+your name" and that's your Google + account. If you don't know what Google + is, or what it's like, then check out my article "My Thoughts On Google +", and here is the link to it- http://idkrandomness.yolasite.com/news/my-thoughts-of-google-
Now from here on out I will be making little categories for each extra thing I know about.

This just simply goes to the main page of Google Search engine. So basically it's just easy access.

 Maps and Youtube 
If you click on the "Maps" button, you can just find directions to places, and just explore on Google maps, which sometimes is really fun! The Youtube button just takes you to the home page of Youtube, so that button is just for your pleasure.
                                         Drive AKA Google Docs                                                                             The button that now says "Drive" is just the old Google Docs. All they did was change the name of it. With Google Drive, it is basically and online version of Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint, etc... You can make your own documents and share them with other people's Email accounts, and can send them to friends. You can also have your friends edit them and a lot of people can work on one document at the same time, which can be very useful for a school group project. Google Docs has a few new thing though, you can now organize your work into categories also! You can make a new folder and name is "School Work", and then everything you do involving school, you could just add it to that folder to organize stuff better. You can also make drawing, which I use that a lot for something on this website. You can also make your own surveys, and own graphs (Which Graphs are in the beta stage right now). Google Doc/Drive is a very useful extra thing! Here is a picture of the main page of Google Drive! 




So you now see what the home page of Google Docs look like, in case you already didn't know. 

 With Google Calendar, you can just make appointments on it, and print it out. You can also just use it to organize your day by using the day calendar instead of the month calendar. It is there just to help stay more organized in your life, and so you don't forget to do anything. You can also set alarms on it so when it goes off, then you'll get a reminder of what your suppose to do!

 So that is all my thoughts toward the awesome email of Gmail. Gmail is definitely my favorite Email provider of them all! Tell me what you think of this article. Did you agree with all of my thoughts or not? Do you use Gmail? Tell me all your thoughts and feelings in the comments down below!