Hello people, sorry I haven't been posting many articles, or anything on the website, I've been busy with school and other things, but since I have a 3 day weekend I'm going to get back to the hang of things, and might be doing updates on school days as well! 

 So this time around, I'll be talking about what I think of the newer Social Network, Google +.

Google +, made by Google,  hasn't been out that long. I think it was out last November or sometime around then, but I'm not sure. Google + has a few new ideas that no other Social Network has done! They got this thing called "Circles", and what they are if when you want to receive posts from people you're interested in, and want to see what they talk about, you would "add them to one of your circles", this is equivalent to "adding friend", from Facebook, and "Follow", from Twitter. You can make separate circles for different stuff. If you want to see only updates from gamer's, then you could make a circle called "Gamer's", or something, and add all of them to that circle. Then you can change your settings, to only see those updates from them, and not from the rest of the circles. And if someone added you to their circles, then you can add them to one of yours, and when you post updates and statuses, then you have the option of who would see it. What I do is I add everyone that follows me into one circle called "People who follow me", then just have them see my stuff, since that's the reason they followed me, so I would want them to see my post! Also since I do that, they all get an Email that says I posted something, (which you can turn that notification off), so then they can just click that Email to see what I said! Also, like Facebook, Google + has notifications on the top left of your page. 

 Another thing with Google + is that you can post links, videos, and upload videos, or pictures! This is just exactly like Facebook, but since it's Google, and since they work with Youtube, then they made it a little more easier to post a video, all you have to do is click the video icon, then it says "Search video", which you can just type in a video title, and click on the one you want, but if your not that popular, and you want to post one of your videos, then you can be more specific and copy and paste the link of your video, where it says "Enter a URL", then it'll pop up with that video! And with uploading pictures, you can basically do the same as with Facebook, you can make an album, and if you don't add it in an album, then when you post the picture, they all go into a album by them self's titled "Wall Photos". A new feature they just added, is that you can make events. The events work exactly like Facebook also! You can invite people, and tell what time, and end time, and where, add a picture, and a description! You can also have a Profile picture, and a cover photo, which I'll get into later! You can also play games like you can with Facebook! One of the games is the famous Angry Birds! You can also chat with Google + also, and have "Live Hangouts", which is a video chat! So they are one step ahead in that then Facebook. 

 You can also create pages! That's what I use for the website, a Google + page, not just a regular profile! With the page, and with your personal profile, you can have a cover photo on the top of your profile page. This is another new thing that added around the same time Facebook did the Timeline. With Google + Pages, you can basically do the same stuff as you can on your regular profile, but you can't play any games :(. But a good thing you can do with the pages, is unlike with the regular profile, you can have a widget, which you can put on your website, which is the Google + widget you see on the home page of my site, and it tells that you can "+1 this", and show how many people have plus it. The "+1 this", is the same thing as "like", a post on Facebook. You can also "Share this post", Which is just like Retweeting a tweet on Twitter.

 So my final analysis is that Google + is pretty cool, and they have a couple of neat new ideas that Facebook, and Twitter don't have. But with most of the stuff, I personally think that Google + is copying Facebook and Twitter, since you can like post, re post other peoples post, you can make pages, which Facebook already has(Facebook pages are better), doing the cover photo around the same time as Facebook did, the events, and games also copy Facebook. I think that Google ran out of ideas, when they were inventing this social Network. The main original thing they did was the circles thing, but everything else mostly copies other social networks! Don't get me wrong, Google + is an awesome, underrated Social Network, but I think that's one of the main reasons why it is. Not many people are on Google + yet.. but I think some good advice for Google, to make people go to Google +, is by adding more original ideas, that they thought up. If they do that, then I think more people would go over to it. I would give Google + a 7.5 out of 10, just because not all of there ideas are original, you see Facebook was before Twitter, and when Twitter came out, it is nothing like Facebook, so the creators of Twitter all had original ideas, but Google didn't.