In this article, I'll be talking about my personal review of the Social Network of Twitter! I'll be talking about the good things about it, along with the bad things about it! So let's get it started!

 The first thing about Twitter, when you log in, you go to your "Home" page, and you see everyone your following Tweets. Then up on the top, there a bar that says "Home", "@Connect", and "#Discover". I'll go though all of these later! So on the Home page, you can also see in the top left, where you can type your tweet. You also see your name, how many followers you have, how many people your following (Which the people you are following are the tweets you see on you Home), and how many Tweets you made. Then you can click on your name to get to your profile. On your profile, you can see your name, your username (like mine name is Random, but my username is @Randomidkness,) you can see your bio, the tweets you've made, your followers, people your following, your favorites, and your list (I'll get into favorites and list later.) 

 On the "@Connect" page, you can see if anyone has talked to you, or mention you in a tweet. Also if your talking to a friend, then you can see what they said back to you on that page. There's 2 tabs on this page, the "Interactions" page, where you can see if someone responded back to you. The other tab is "Mentions", where if someone says your username in their tweet, it'll notify you on that tab. Also you can see on the "Interactions" page, people who have  followed you, and if someone has Re tweeted your tweet, or Favorited your tweet.  On the "#Discover" page, you can see tabs, the first one is "Stories", where people on Twitter, like stories, and that kind of stuff. The next tab is "Activity", where you can see who followed who and stuff like that. Then there's the "Who To Follow" tab, where it just shows you people you might be interested with. The next tab is the "Find Friends" tab, where you can look for your friends that's on Twitter. The last tab on this page is "Browse Categories", where you can find topics your interested with, and see has-tags (#), I'll get into that later.

Now If you post a Tweet like "I like video games", someone who's following you can "Re tweet" it, which means it'll show up on there profile page, and it will post it as a tweet, but it will have your name, and then his friends will know he Re tweeted that, so they might Re tweet it also! It is a good way to get popular on Twitter also. Also if you don't want to Re tweet someone's Tweet, then you can "Favorite" their Tweet. All the tweets you favorite, will show up in the "Favorites" tab on your profile. With Re tweets, and favorites, you will get notify on the "@Connect" page. You can also reply to Tweets by clicking the "Reply" button, under the Tweet, where it will show up as @Someone, then write what you want to say to them. The Has-tags, are things with this symbol #. You can use Has-tags to get found better, because you can find Has-tags under the "Discover page", and not to mention there's a search bar, where you can type a name, or a Has-tag. A popular Has-tag is #FF, which means "Follow Friday", where on Friday you tweet peoples user names that you want your followers to follow! You can make a list, and if you make a list, you add people that you enjoy there tweets, and add them to your list, then you can like see only their tweets in that list, so if you want to see all of their tweets, then add them to a list! Your lists you make, people can become a member of it, and subscribe to it! Your list go to the "Lists" tab of your profile.

 Now a bad thing about Twitter is that with and tweet you make, you only have a 140 character limit (even spaces take up a character.) Sometimes you can't say everything you want to with only 140 characters, so it becomes really annoying! Also when your typing your "Bio", you only have a 160 character limit, so you basically can only put a couple sentences about yourself, and have a link to your website, Facebook, Youtube etc.... They need to up the character limit at least to 200. Also when your typing a tweet, when you add a link to it, it takes up most of your character limit, so that can get annoying also! Another bad thing about it, is that it takes forever to log in to Twitter, and also when you click on anything, like to get to your profile, it takes like 2 minutes until it dose it, and sometimes when your trying to reply to a Tweet, it says "I'm sorry Twitter can't process that right now, please try again later", so the slowness, and that really get's on your nerves!


 Some good things about Twitter, is that you can have a profile picture, just like any Social network. You can also post pics on your Tweet, and it doesn't take up character space! Also the coolest thing you can do is when your editing you profile, you can go to "design", and you can customize your background! You can choose from there selection, or you can make your own background, and make it your Twitter background! So that's definitively the coolest thing you can do on Twitter! When you post a link to like a Youtube video, there's a button that says "Show video", then when you click on it, it comes up! So that is cool, and makes your home page look much cleaner, this also is the same with pictures you post, and other media! 

 So my final thoughts on Twitter, is that it's not nearly as good as Facebook, but it's definitively worth getting one (For your website, your youtube channel, or even just personal.) I would give Twitter a 8 out of 10. Because there are a lot of annoying things about it, and the main thing for me is the character limit of 140. Twitter would work best for people, that write small amount of things, but it still makes sense. So that's all I have for you today, and if you have a Twitter, then check mine out and Follow me at @Randomidkness, or just use this link-!/Randomidkness