Hey guys! The Mario Marathon was over yesterday. I had to stop a few hours early, due to me being so tried, and getting a little bit bored and sick of playing Mario. But I went for 16 hours. The Marathon was a huge success! Many people watched it off and on, and 3 people watched most of it. Those 3 people are my friends from Twitter and YouTube. They chatted with me, and I talked back to them. We had some awesome and funny conversations. One of them actually stayed up with me the whole time, which gave me encouragement to push on. And other people that didn't say anything went off and on. At one time there was 10 people! I had tons of fun and it was amazing experience. It's 10 times better than last years. The webcam quality was pretty good, but there were a couple of technical difficulties, but nothing really bad, and was fixable. I learn a lot about my 3 friends that were there, and they are amazing people. The one that stayed up with me all night was Jubocka(username I know her real name, but won't say it.) She has a twitter and YouTube. Follow her- https://twitter.com/Lexi_Juboncka The next person has been a real good friend on Twitter. His username is iceball97. Follow him-https://twitter.com/iceball97 And the last person I just recently met, and I know so much more about him now. His username is OfficailSonicCC Follow him-https://twitter.com/OfficialSonicCC
I had TONS of fun, and learn a lot about my awesome internet friends. So overall it was a great marathon and it was totally worth the time and the no sleep also! The streaming program worked great as well, I could change the text easy and all of that. Also a funny thing was that when I was playing Luigi's Mansion, Luigi kept on saying "Mariooooo" Mario" and he wouldn't stop, so I got up and started yelling shut up, and hitting him on the screen of my T.V. So hop you guys saw some of it, it was a blast. If you didn't, Twitch automatically recorded the live-streams, so you can go to my channel and click the "videos" tab, and click on the Mario Marathon one, and if you want, you can watch the entire 16 hours!