So in this article, I'll be talking about if there's going to be a Mario Kart for the Wii U, and what my predictions are, and what I want to see in it.

Ok so the first thing is Yes, I think there is going to be a Mario Kart for the Wii U, and here are my reasons.
  1.  There's been a Mario Kart for almost every Nintendo console, there's one for the SNES, the Nintendo 64, the Gamecube, The Wii, the DS, and the 3DS. So why won't there be one for the Wii U.
  2. There's no reason not to make a Mario Kart for the Wii U.  Imagine all the cool stuff they can do with it (like the Game pad.) 
  3. They are going to make New Super Mario Bros U, and Zelda, and probably a lot more Nintendo things like Metriod,Star Fox, and others. So why would they neglect Mario Kart?

 So now I'm going to talk about the stuff they can do with Mario Kart. 

 They could make more new race tracks, and have more races in the cups. Like for example- In most of the MKs, they have 4 races for each cup, so instead of just 4 races, there could be like 5 to 6 races in each cup, so that would mean more original races they make. They would also have races from previous MKs also like they had in MK Wii, 4 cups they made just for that game, and 4 cups with races from the other MKs. So instead of 4 cups for the original tracks they make, there should be 6 cups, and 6 cups from tracks from the other games. And with the laps of each race, you should go 4 times around, not just 3.

 With the GamePad, they can make an interface between the pad screen and the T.V. With this I mean like on the GamePad screen, you can see what power up you have, your map, and who's in what place, along with the pause button. They could even expand with that, and you could carry more then one power up at a time! So you could like carry 2 power ups at a time, instead of 1! And you can use the GamePad for how the controls work. You could move the game pad (like the Wheel for MK Wii) and so you control where your kart is going better. But you can also do it old-fashion with the control stick, and buttons. The buttons you would use is to accelerate, brake, jump, use power ups, etc... And maybe with the GamePad screen, you could see your point of your drivers view, instead of 3rd person on the T.V, and you could give yourself more of a challenge to look at the GamePad screen. 

With the 2-4 player mode, You might have to all have GamePads for it to work. I don't know how that would work, since if you just had a regular controller, you wouldn't have the extra space to see your map, and power ups and all of that, so Nintendo would have to figure out a way to make that work. 

 A couple of extra things they can add is one of them is WiFi so you can race with other people in the world, just like MK Wii. Another thing they could add that would be really fun, is make your own track! You could add where the power ups go and what's on the track and obstacles and all of that! And after you are done with building your track, you can test it out, by playing it yourself, and have your friends try it out! Also I think they should have an option to customize your vehicle. What I mean by this is making it different colors, and upgrading it to go faster, or get bigger wheels to get though mud areas better. I think this would be an awesome idea, but you would have to unlock different stuff for your vehicle as you get go rankings in the cups and races. Of course you would have to have battle mode, and have your friends come over and battle each other, and maybe even have WiFi battles!

So that's what I think that they should do, if they make a Mario Kart for the Wii U. Tell me in the comments below if you agree with what I had to say, and if you have any other things you want to see in it? I think there going to make  MK for the Wii U, and I hope they add the stuff that I said in this article.