Have you ever wanted to make a prank phone call to one of your friends, or just a random number? Well if you follow these steps, then you will know how to. So let get it started
  1. Before calling anyone, make sure you know what your going to say. It will be lame if you call someone and just be silent, trying to figure out what to say. If you need to, write down the things your going to say on a piece of paper. Depending on the response of the person, you may have to change up what you were going to say.
  2. If you don't want them knowing it's you, before you type in their number, make sure to do the *67. This will make it be private, or be another number, so this way they won't know it's you. 
  3. During the conversation, don't laugh or chuckle at all! If you start laughing, then the person will know it's a prank, and will most likely hang up. Before you start, make sure to get all of your laughs and giggles done before hand.
  4. When you press the call button, try to be patient if they don't pick up right away. Sometimes it takes people a while to figure out who it might be, and if your using the *62, they might be cautious. So if they don't pick up, leave a voice mail saying whatever you were going to say.
  5. If at anytime someone your calling is getting really angry, tell them sorry, or just hang up if it gets out of hand.
  6. If your prank calling your friends, be sure to try to change your voice, so that they don't recognize it. If you just talk like how you normally do, they will catch on that it's you.
  7. It takes practice, so don't get discourage if you run out of things to say, or just freeze, or just plain out laughing. If you keep on trying, you will become a prank calling pro in no time
You can do whatever you want in these calls. You can say a corny joke like, "Is your refrigerator running? Well you better go chasing it!". Or you could say something like this, "Is this the Pizza Castle?" It's your prank call, so you can say whatever you want to. Be sure to think about the response of the people your calling, and make sure you got something to say back. So now you know how to. Go out there and start calling!