Hey this is another article. I'll try to do these every Friday where I talk about stuff and if your interested you can make your own articles and send them to me and I'll give you credit.

 Ok so with the Facebook Timeline just like the name suggest, It's in this timeline order of when you post stuff

 Here is an example

 4-5-12 I like pie at 7:10 pm
 4-5-12 hey at 6:30 pm

So I guess that is a good thing about it, but personally I just don't like the timeline and I'll show some good things and some bad things about it. 

So one of the bad things about it is that you can't see all your friends and your information that easy anymore. You have to go to the top of the page and click on "friends" or "About me", or on the top when you scroll down the page, this bar comes with you that says "timeline" which if you click on that a drop down menu appears and you can see about, friends, photos, maps, likes, and notes, which it's actually really  annoying to do that when on the old Facebook profiles, you can just click on the right hand side and navigation was really easy on the old ones, but with the new ones they've made it much more difficult. 
A good thing about it is that on the top of your page you can place a huge banner on the top of your timeline! like I can put this pic 

I could put as the banner of it, and you can re-size it and all that good stuff.

 Also the "Timeline" is not only for peoples personal profiles, but now you have to use it on your fan pages also! It's the same stuff as a regular profile, but just a little bit easier. They made all the pages go to the timeline on March 30th. 
But a good thing with the Timeline on the pages is that now you can personal message that page, which is really cool, and could come in handy if someones needed to ask you something personal. 

And like on the top of the Timeline, you see your profile picture as well as the basic info like your hometown, where you go to school, relationship status etc.. and also if you look more left of that, you see the boxes where you can also access your photos, friends, likes, notes, videos etc...  And you can still message people as well like always. Also on the top, when you start going down the page, you see the events they attended, their activity, their likes,  their photos they've been tagged in, and how many friends you've added recently.

 So what I don't understand is why Facebook made the pages all go to the "Timeline" and mostly all the people on FB as well. My personal profile hasn't been switch yet, which is good, but it will someday. What was wrong with the other one, the answer is NOTHING, so why change it? Because they don't listen to a word we the people say to them, they are just in it for the money. Just like Youtube/Google, they won't listen to what we say about the Timeline no matter how many times we tell them that we don't like it, but they just ignore the people who if there wasn't anyone on FB, they wouldn't have NO money AT ALL. 

  My personal opinion is that I dislike the Facebook profile "Timeline". I think at least they could of made it more user-friendly, and made it 10 times better then the Timeline is now. Who knows, maybe they might listen to us and make it better then it is, then I won't have no problem with it. If they don't do nothing and change it to make it better, then hopefully it will be soon until they have a new profile design.  That's all I have to say so GOODBYE!!!!