Ok so last Wednesday, I got back from my 5 day trip in D.C and Colonial Williamsburg. I left on Saturday morning and got back Wednesday night. So in this article I'm going to tell you about the trip and show you some pictures and tell you some other stuff at the end of this.

 So on Saturday when we got to D.C area, we went to the Flight and Space museum. There was a lot of cool and old planes and and a lot of space stuff also. The building looked like a huge hanger. We spent about an hour and a half in there. here is a picture of one of the planes. 

So then after that we went into D.C itself. We were on this nice bus with air conditioning and even a bathroom on it! So the tour guide started pointing out landmarks. Then we went to this place where the was many food courts that we ate at. Then after we got done (which we had an hour to eat), we went to the Korean Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial. We had about 2 hours to see all 3 of those. So here's some pictures of those. 

This is the Korean Memorial
Some statures by the Vietnam Wall 

The Vietnam Wall


The Lincoln Memorial
 Then after that we went to our hotel. The next morning we got up and we went to Arlington Cemetery and saw a lot of graves! We saw the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown solider, saw the eternal flame, saw the Kennedy grave sites, and much much much much more! We spent about 2 and a half hours there. 
 After that we went to the Jima Memorial and saw the stature of the six men raising the flag and at all different angles it looks like the flag is raising. After that we went in front of the White House to get a couple of pictures, Then we went to eat at the Old Post Office Pavilion, which again had many food courts you could go and eat. Then we went to the National Archives and went on a tour there looking at the things inside. After that we went to the National History Museum, where we had 2 hours to spend ourselves and I saw the Hope Diamond, and a lot of other, cool stuff. Then after that we went to the Mall and had dinner there, while have 2 hours to shop at the shopping centers. All I got was a hat for $15. Then we went to the lake near the Potomac River, and went on the path all the way around until we got to this Memorial (which looked like the Lincoln, but it was different and I forgot the name of it.) Then we were done for the day and headed back to the Hotel and swam. The next day we got up, ate breakfast, and checked out of that Hotel. Then we went to the Library of Congress, where the original Constitution and Declaration of Independence is held at. Then after that we went in front of the Capital building and took a group picture, which you could buy (it was $15 and I didn't get it though.) After that we went into the Capital. We took a self-guided tour where you got these head phones and someone talked about what we are seeing. Then after that we went to the Zoo for about an hour and ate there and looked at some animals. Then we headed to Mount Vernon and saw George Washington Tomb and other stuff as well. We spent 2 hours there. After that we headed on a 3 hour trip on the bus to Colonial Williamsburg. About Half way there we stopped and ate dinner at an all you can eat called "Ryans". Then we got back on the bus and went to our hotel, The Great Wolf Lodge. That hotel was really really nice, it had an indoor water park, a couch in the room, and much other fancy stuff. There was this optional tour for $8 you could go on called the Haunting of Williamsburg. This guy would tell you stories about people who have died, but still live in the houses and stuff like that, it wasn't really scary. After that, we went back to the hotel and went to sleep. The next day we ate breakfast, then headed to Bush Gardens! At Bush Gardens I rode this roller coaster called "The Griffon", which is a 90 degree drop. So I went on it and I lost my phone on it! So it's probably somewhere underneath the coaster. Here is a video of "The Griffon"    

So we ate lunch there with this card they gave us to get a main dish, an side of something, and a drink. So there's not much to say about Bush Gardens other then that. After we were done, we got back on the bus and headed for the hotel. When we got back to the hotel, I spent 3 hours in the water park. After that we went to sleep. The next day we checked out of the hotel, and headed to Colonial Williamsburg. When we got there, we had 2 hours to check out all the stuff there was like the Jail, the Church, and many many many other things. I went by this place where they serve the best cake ever. It's called "Death by Chocolate".  It was $11 dollars, but well worth it. Then we headed off to the air port. So that's all to say about the trip. There will be a couple more pictures down below.  

 The Capital Building
Washington Momument

Colonial Williamsburg

 So a couple of other things is that a week ago or so I submitted my site to Cool Website of the Day.com, and today they have selected this site as the cool site of the day! To see it go to http://www.coolwebsiteoftheday.com/coolsite/random/. That's all I had to say so I had a great time though so if you ever go up to D.C you will have a time of your life!